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About Us

Our Story

We are glad to have you here at DCustomize. If you can give us few minutes of your time we will share our story with you. Why we stated this business, our culture and inspiration.

How DCustomize started

It was a time to face the challenges of life, Our founder and motivator Apollos just graduated from college and was about to choose a career part. The first job he got was with an eCommerce company that sells jewelries. Apollos was technically savvy and was over the whole place working for fulfillment department and assisting the customer support department.

A Need Left Unfulfilled

While working with customer service department, Apollos wanted to help all customers but realized he was limited, but what touched him most were customers requesting for special items which was not part of the company's catalog. He notified his boss about the request because he want to help as much customers as possible. But the effort was fultile. That was when he started thinking of meeting the need of those who would like a product based on an idea of their. That was how DCustomize was planted in his heart.


Why We Exist

Apollos was a source of inspiration to us all and we would love to satisfy the need of those who would love to have custom items, especially by request. We understand what it means not to be able to get what you want when you have the money. We are open to ideas of customers and will be available to help you with what ever you need.

Another reason for our customized brand is to make people unique with whatever they purchase from us. We deal on 100% customized items where you may need to enter your desired design, text, or images to the item you will purchase from us.

Our Team

Since you are our boss, we have a team of dedicated staff to answer your question and to help you with any challenge you may face. Kindly Use the FB messenger live chat or send us an email at

Be Part Of DCustomize

We have an amazing community for designs, ideas, and inspiration to keep the unique mindset and help everyone to up their creativity game. We would love you to follow us on Facebook Or Instagram where we share daily customized designs and Ideas.

Thanks for taking your time to learn about about us. Your friend from DCustomize. 😊